Timex Platinum Club

Timex Platinum Club marine grade plywood is produced out of selected hardwood species. It’s treated with strong, water soluble, fixed type of wood preservative chemicals under vacuum pressure.

Timex 2in1

Made from select, vacuum-pressured hardwood panels. Special chemical composition forms a protective layer. Resistant against immediate burning, flame penetration & boiling water.

Timex Prime Plus

Prime Plus plywood is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship which comes with unparalleled quality and breathtaking beauty. Crafted from exclusive hardwood species,

Timex Touch Plywood

Designed specifically for modular kitchens, this 16mm calibrated plywood offers a super smooth surface, making it an ideal choice for a range of interior applications. Available in water-resistant varieties,

Timex Ply Silver Strong

Our premium plywood product – Silver Strong – is the perfect solution for all your construction needs. Its made from the finest quality materials and is engineered to be strong, durable, and borer-resistant. Super smooth,


Evomax is an eco-friendly choice for your construction needs. Poplar wood is a renewable resource, and it grows rapidly, making it an excellent choice for manufacturers and consumers looking

Timex Gold BWR MR

Crafted from the finest materials available, Gold Plywood boasts supreme strength and endurance and is able to withstand the harshest weather situations with ease. The ply remains unaffected by moisture and humidity,

Timex Beech Ply

Our premium quality Beech Ply, crafted with care and precision from select red hardwood species, delivers a top-tier performance that is sure to impress all. Beech Ply is manufactured using the latest ultramodern technology,

Ply Block Board

Timex Block Board is a lumber core board made from blocks of pine wood as per the specification IS: 1659, 2004. It’s generally used to build furniture and interiors. Timex Block Board is meant for exterior use

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