Making a Splash Worldwide

Timex continues to create waves in the media. Take a look at the recent developments
at Timex and in the decorative surfacing industry.

Timex Plywood & Doors Chairman, Mr. Mahindra Gala was featured in the June 2018 edition of the illustrious Ply Reporter magazine. He spoke extensively about Timex’s cutting-edge offerings and the its latest technological acquisition, NGC Technology, or Zero-Gap Tech as it’s popularly known.

A long time coming. Timex is the proud recipient of SD Group Citation of Appreciation 2018 trophy. The honour was bestowed on us by Shah Damji Group for our outstanding surfacing work. One of Timex reps went on stage to receive the trophy amidst applause and warm appreciation.

Timex Doors are not just a work of art, they’re a creation made possible through relentless innovation and consumer insights. Timex Doors are akin to shields that protect you from worldly elements…but in style!

For us, gaining and retaining your trust is of prime importance. Timex Plywood & Doors brings in another innovative solution to safeguard and consolidate the trust bestowed by you – our loyal patrons – by offering a unique QR Code + Hologram label on its every product. Now every product can be verified through a simple process!

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