Features & Advantages:

  • Available as per section & sizes.
  • Easy to install on high-rise buildings.
  • Requires less space, which makes it easy & convenient to store.
  • No damages during installation and shifting.

Standard Red Meranti

Wood Door Frame

Available in Steam Beech, Teak & Red Meranti Wood

Steam Beech Wood

Red Meranthi Wood

Teak Wood

Door Frames

Screw Fixing

Use fully threaded parallel shank screws with overall diameter to core. Do not use wood screws.

Moulded Panel Doors (HDF): 26mm
D'Core Board of Density 425kg/m3 = 2.5mm
HDF Skin Flush Doors (Plywood) : 26mm D'Core
Board of Density 425kg/m3 + 2.5mm Cross
Veneer + 0.5mm Face Veneer

Core Content

Timber Core is a traditional core extracted from natural resources. Timber core is very popular and common filler used for many years. Mango, Pine, Meranti etc are commonly used species of timber. Strong and rigid timber core is also known as solid core or block board.

Timber is chemically treated as per IS:10013 by a chemical known as CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) and vacuum pressured as IS:401. CCA is a water soluble wood preservative which is applied by proper vacuum pressure schedulded by Full Cell Method or Fast Fluctuating Process of treatment.

As per international practices, timber members in service are classified into different hazard levels depending upon circumstances of use. In India, the nodal standard for wood preservation is IS:401 i.e. recommended practice for preservation of Timber.

According to IS:401, we build timber doors of Group 5 category. Group 5 includes building timber in interior use which is not in contact with ground or soil and used in dry conditions. The preservatives with individual salt retentions recommended for Group 5 is CCA 4kg / m3

The treatment strengthens the wood for durability, chemically treated wood is generally seasoned at the automatic kiln seasoning plant as per IS:1141 reducing the moisture as per the standard requirement mentioned in the IS:287

Modern technology of ‘finger joint system’ for stile and rails not only makes the door stronger but also reduces the chances of warping to greater extent.

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