Designer Veneer Doors

Timex Designer Veneer Doors are a stunning range of door designs that are built to impress even the most discerning architect, interior designers and homeowners. Innovative and stylish in looks, these doors are crafted with premium quality wood that has been meticulously selected for its durability, strength and aesthetic appeal. 

The Timex Designer Veneer Doors come in a wide range of shades, textures and patterns that cater to different styles and tastes. The doors feature a sleek and modern design that is both timeless and versatile. Whether you prefer a natural wood grain look or a more intricate pattern, Timex Designer Veneer Doors have something for everyone.

Manufactured by Timex, these premium doors are designed to withstand daily wear n tear while maintaining their impeccable style and durability for years to come. With Timex Designer Veneer Doors, you can augment the aesthetic of your projects while relishing the advantages of a well-crafted, sturdy and reliable door.

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