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In case of fire, one of the primary concerns is to prevent it from spreading till help arrives.

Contain Fire & Smoke for up to 2 hours

Timex Fire Retardant Doors have high-safety standards. They are designed to provide maximum protection
to life and property in case of fire. While the main body of the door holds back the fire, the
intumescent strip on the edges swells to fill the gap between the door and the frame,
preventing smoke as well as flames from passing through.

Choice of Rating & Thickness

45 mm

30 Mins Rating

45 mm
50 mm

1 Hour Rating

45 mm
50 mm
55 mm

2 Hour Rating


Thermal insulation at the core

Both sides layered with insulator

Finishing done with waterproof, PF-bonded plywood on both sides

Fire and smoke sealing graphite strip on sides

Salient Features

High in strength and impact resistant

Durable; resistant to insect, borer and Fungi attack

Tested in Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute (IPIRTI)

Conforming to BS-476 & IS-3614


To suit to our Fire-Retardant Door Shutters for Door Frames made out of Fire-Retardant-Cum-Antiseptic Treated and Seasoned Timber.

Timex Fire Retardant Doors
Conform to BS-476 & IS-3614

IPIRTI (Bangalore) Certified
as per BS 476 part 20 & 22

Available in
  • 30-Minutes
  • 60-Minutes
  • 120-Minutes


  • High-rise buildings (Commercial & Residential): Doors for entrance, lifts, staircases, electric ducts, terraces

  • Hotels: Doors for guestroom entrances, kitchens, floor lobbies, service areas, back office Shutters for covering electrical conduits

  • Hospitals: Doors for lobby, operation theatres, labs


We supply fire retardant doors & frames. Our shutters should be installed with properly selected intumescent strips, fire retardant frame of specified rating and fire retardant hardware approved by IPIRTI (Bangalore). Installation should be as per guidelines specified by hardware manufacturer. Only then, the assembly will confirm to BS 476 Part 20 & 22 And IS 3614 Part 2.

30 Minutes F.R. Doors


30-Minute Fire Retardant Doors:

The glued crossband/HDF/veneer and face veneer of combined thickness of 5/6 mm is applied on both sides of the fire-core board type frame. The same is hot pressed under temperature of 140–150 C and pressure of 14–16 kg/cm2.

60 Minutes F.R. Doors

Finger joint Stile/Rail Seasoned and Treated Timber of 45-60 mm

120 Minutes F.R. Doors


60/120 minute fire retardant doors:

Adequate thickness of resin impregnated heat insulator is layered on both surfaces. The glued crossband/ HDF/ veneer and face veneer of combined thickness of 5/6 mm are applied on both sides of the fire core board type frame. The same is hot pressed under temperature of 140/ 1500> C and pressure of 14-16 kg/cm2.