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The core of Timex Plywood is made from Gurjan hardwood logs imported from Southeast Asia. The imported materials improve the plywood & intrinsic strength and also makes the plywood naturally resistant to the harmful effects of moisture and pests. Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin is used to give maximum strength and dimensional stability. High pressure and temperature is impregnated on the glue to give perfect bonding and a special glue-line protects the plywood from borers and termites.

Factory Overview


Timex Doors are pre-pressed using Latest Technology. They are then treated through Vacuum Pressure Zero Core Gap with Anti-Warping Tech. The Doors are Balanced & Consistent in Composition. They are manufactured under stringent Quality Control measures. The Doors are ISI Certified for complete costumer satisfaction. They are initially made with Core Veneer, Face Veneer with High-Quality Resins. The final products are specially treated for water & termite resistance. It's a range that duly and truly fulfills all needs and desires in the world of architecture.